The Strange Case of the Covid-19 Tracing Tool…

There are currently lots of people posting garbage, etc. about the Covid-19 Tracing Tool that they have only just become aware of on their iPhone or Android smartphone, and there are also lots of conspiracy theories, misinformation and fake news about this so-called COVID-19 Tracing tool added to most Android and iPhones in the last month, or so.

Let’s get a few thing straight:

1. It isn’t an app, it is a framework and doesn’t do anything on its own.

2. It isn’t switched on by default, and won’t be unless you enable it or a COVID-19 tracking app that does.

3. If you don’t want it to work, just turn off Bluetooth.

4. If you are using a smartphone and use most apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Google apps, etc.) you are already being tracked and many of your rights to privacy have already been given away (by you when installing most apps or just having a smartphone, you have read the EULAs and Terms and Conditions, right?). So it is a bit late to get upset now (the horse has not just bolted, it has already been around the globe several times, and had great adventures along the way, and you hadn’t even realised that it had got out).

If you don’t want to be tracked or have you privacy eroded:

  • Don’t have a mobile phone (or any smart technology),
  • Don’t use the internet, don’t use credit or debit cards,
  • Don’t have a vehicle and don’t drive,
  • Live in the middle of nowhere and live below ground, and in a Faraday cage…never go out (if you do don’t forget your tin-foil hat ;-))!

In other words in this modern world it is almost impossible to not be tracked or not have our privacy eroded; we have all agreed to defer our rights to privacy by wanting ‘cool technology and apps, etc. and for our safety and security’.

No, I haven’t gone gaga, I am not a Luddite or technophobe (as anyone that knows me will confirm, quite the opposite). I’m just telling you all what most of us in technology and security have known for over two decades (actually longer, but who’s counting?)…

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